Sociables & Shareables

Wings • $14.75 hot-honey

With a side of Stingin’ Hot Honey, or Chile lime sauce. With a side of ranch dressing.

Mussels N’ Cream • $13

(GFO) A Maritime favourite!

Gravlax Canapés • $14

Herbed flatbread, an onion caper cucumber sour cream, marinated Fresh Atlantic Salmon, sweet mustard sauce. (Kinda like sushi).

Calamari • $14 hot-honey

Thinly sliced, lightly battered, flash fried. Served with a tangy sweet red pepper relish.

6 Bacon Wrapped Scallops • $16

Drizzled with our light maple dressing, served with spicy house-made slaw.

Fish & Crab Cakes • $16.50

Crab, salmon, haddock, potato, onion & celery, with blueberry chutney. (Add vegetarian black beans or red beans with chorizo $4 )

Boneless Buffalo Cauliflower Wings • $10

Breaded Cauliflower florets, chili lime sauce. With a side of ranch dressing

Vachos • $14.50 hot-honey

(GFO) Nachos with veggies! Red, green pepper, tomatoes, green, red onion, chopped spinach, jalapeños, mozzarella. Sour cream, Salsa Verde side.
(Add guacamole $3 ~ Add Stingin’ Hot Honey $0.50)

Chachos • $16 hot-honey

(GFO) Nachos with chunks of chilli, chicken and cheese. Served with Sour cream & salsa verde.
(Add guacamole $3 ~ Add Stingin’ Hot Honey $0.50)

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
& Refried Beans • $12

(GFO) Smooth, garlicky, lemony & fresh! With crumbled feta cheese, baked pita, tortilla chips, broccoli & carrots.

Feta Goat Cheese Dip • $13.50

(GFO) With cranberry blueberry chutney, flatbread & tortilla chips.


GFO) Seafood Chowder • $13 (Add lobster $10) ~ Cup $9 •
(GFO) Soup of the Day • $9 ~ Cup $7

Add Seasoned Grilled Chicken $4.50 ~ Add Calamari $4.50 ~ Add 3 Bacon Wrapped Scallops $6.50

Spinach & Nutty Maple • Full Salad $12~Appetizer Size $9

(GFO) Fresh baby spinach, goat cheese, pineapple, red onion, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds,
maple glazed cashews, drizzled with a light maple dressing, herbed flatbread.

Stayner’s own Caesar • Full Salad $12~Appetizer Size $9

(GFO) Kale & mixed greens topped with crispy bacon, Parmesan, croutons & crispy fried onions, herbed flatbread.

Veg Burrito • $15 (Add egg $1.50 )

(GFO) Iceberg lettuce, rice with black beans & tri-coloured peppers with red onion & jalapeño, fresh grilled corn,
diced tomatoes, crunchy plantains, roasted red pepper, guacamole, spicy sour cream & cheddar.

Pasta & Pizza

Selfish Shellfish Carbonara • $22

(GFO) Fried bacon, garlic & mushroom with sautéed shrimp & scallops in a Parmesan, cream & egg sauce. Tossed with linguini then garnished with mussels. With basil & spinach.

Linguini Bolognese • $16

GFO) Sautéed ground beef simmered in our rich homemade tomato sauce, tossed with linguini & a light garlic sauce with shredded parmesan & fresh basil. $16

Margherita Pizza • $13.50

Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, Parmesan & herbed olive oil. (Add Shrimp 6)

Tortillas & Buns

Items below served with home cut fries unless otherwise noted.
Sweet potato fries or salad in place of fries Add $3, Parmesan fries $1, Chowder $6, Soup $3

Fish Tacos (2) • $15

Soft warm corn tortilla with chipotle BBQ mayo, lightly battered haddock, house made slaw mixed with garlic lemon basil mayo & topped with pico de gallo. With home cut fries or red beans, chorizo & rice.

Tacos Al’ Pastor (2) • $15

(GFO) Soft warm corn tortilla with mozzarella, Chile marinated grilled pork over iceberg lettuce topped with charred pineapple, pico de gallo & guacamole. With home cut fries or red beans, chorizo & rice.

Traditional Gravlax Sandwich • $15

(GFO) Marinated Fresh Atlantic Salmon thinly sliced over an onion caper cucumber sour cream. Drizzled with a sweet mustard dressing on grilled sourdough. (kinda like sushi!)

Black Bean & Chickpea Burger • $15

(GFO) House made black Bean & chick pea with mozzarella, sprouts, tomato, pickle, roasted red pepper & & chipotle BBQ mayo.

6 oz House Made Beef Burger • $15

(GFO) House made burger with cheddar & mozzarella, tomato, dill pickle & chipotle BBQ mayo. (Add bacon & pineapple $3 Add sliced chorizo sausage $3)

Crispy Chicken Club • $15  hot-honey

A crispy, juicy seasoned breast of chicken with ham, mozzarella, sprouts & tomato, drizzle Stingin’ Hot Honey & chipotle BBQ mayo on a fresh kaiser.

Lobster Kaiser • $23

Chunked lobster with lemon basil garlic mayo, red onion, tomato, pear & shredded lettuce on a toasted kaiser.

Lobster Grilled Cheese • $23

Chunked lobster with Swiss, mozzarella, garlic lemon basil mayo, red onion & tomato on grilled sourdough and grilled to perfection. Add 20oz Alexander Keiths draught $5.00

From Land to Sea

Stayner’s Steak • 8oz $40~4oz $24

(Add 3 bacon wrapped scallops $6.50)
(GF) AAA tenderloin, topped with Cafe Paris butter on peppercorn Marsala sauce, sweet & white potato mash & fresh veggies.

Lunenberg Saurkraut & Sausage • $16.50

Old fashioned sauerkraut, 2 Oktoberfest sausages & creamy whipped potatoes.

The Louisianan • $21 hot-honey

A crispy, juicy seasoned breast of chicken drizzled with a red pepper chili & lime sauce with garlic buttered corn, red beans, chorizo & rice with fresh baby spinach.

Pan Fried Haddock • $21

(Add sautéed creamy shrimp & scallops 8)
(GF) Fresh fillet, creamy lemon butter sauce, with rice pilaf or sweet potato mash with fresh veg.

Cajun Haddock • $21

(GF) Fresh fillet of haddock with Cajun seasoning, with pineapple curry chutney, rice with black beans & veggies.

Stayner’s 2 Piece Fish & Fries • $16.50

Less batter, more fish! Home cut seasoned fries & creamy coleslaw.

Whole Clams & Fries • $23

(When available) Lightly floured and golden fried; whole clams at their tastiest. Home cut seasoned fries and creamy coleslaw on the side!

Maple Honey Glazed Salmon • $23

(Add crispy bacon $2)
(GFO) Fillet of fresh grilled Atlantic salmon, cranberry blueberry chutney with rice & fresh veg.

GF – Gluten Free ~~ GFO – Gluten Free Options Available! Please advise us of any food allergies.
Items with this image hot-honey contain Stingin’ Hot Honey by The Halifax Honey Company @Halifaxhoneyco
All prices subject to taxes & gratuities

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