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Selfish Shellfish GFO

15 November, 2013


Selfish Shellfish GFO

(GFO) Sautée shrimp and scallops with garlic, onion, mushroom, red pepper & spinach in a creamy tasty curry sauce. Place ingredients over angel hair pasta and garnish with mussels. Don’t be selfish share the shellfish!


  1. kandy
    5 March, 2018, 15:44 kandy

    If you like seafood then you’ll love this dish. I can’t even order any of the other menu items because I love this dish so much and its so filling there no skimming on this dish. I have try the seafood chowder which is also very filling and tasty but again when I go there to eat I also order the same the selfish shellfish. I hope they never change the way the make it.

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